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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

too happy to be described...

I was supposed to post this yesterday. Maybe, I was too excited with my PMR result, I didn't post anything. Hahaha.

Semalam, keputusan PMR telah pun diumumkan. After waiting for more than 2 months, finally we got our results. I was so nervous sehinggakan time kt rumah kena sakit perut and shivering. Huhu. T_T

When I reached school, I met up with my bestfrenzies; Sara, Syara, Fatin, Iman, & Asma'. Mase tu, Firah lum sampai lagi. Not only that, Asma's sister, Kak Iman, came along too. I haven't seen her for a while.

Me, Sara & Syara talked about a lot of things; especially how nervous we are and cannot wait to get our result. Sara gave me some souvenirs that she bought while she went for vacation last week, if I'm not mistaken. Thanx for the gifts, Sara. (^_^) I'm sorry I couldn't get anything for you in return. Also, Iman gave me something too. Thanx, Iman. Again, I'm sorry I couldn't give anything to you in return.

While waiting for the teachers to announce the result, I had a little chit-chattie with Sara's mom. She is a very pretty and kind person.

Then, I glanced at my beloved homeroom teacher, Pn. Mazliena who is sitting at her table and ready to give out the results. Wait, I thought the headmistress is going to announce like she did for the past few years? Well, I guess she's not in the school. I gave a sign asking Pn Mazliena "Can I take my results now?" and she just nodded.

I walked to my teacher with the mixed of anxiety, curiosity and afraid in myself. Huhu. I was the first one to get my results. She said that probably I've already know my results but I denied it. She asked that didn't my mom told me about my own results she she already know it, but I said to Pn Mazliena even if my mom knew about my results earlier she will never tell me about it. She wanted to keep it as as surprise.

After listening to my answer, Pn Mazliena just chuckled at me. Then, she congratulate me and said I got straight A's. As I don't believe her answer, I told her that she was lying. She said there's no way she's lying to me. She gave me my result's slip and I stare at it. I stood there frozen for a few minutes. I counted my grades written on the slip. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 A's. 8A's?! I wailed in joy and tears started to suffuse my eyes. I can't believe it, I muttered to myself. I hugged my teacher and said thanks to her for everything she had taught me. I can't believe I got 8A's.

I walked out from the queue, still staring at my slip. My heart are still crying joy for getting 8A's; the results that I have been prayed everyday to get for my PMR. Then, I went to see all my teachers to thank them for everything they have taught me sepanjang tahun 2008. Without them, I might not even get 8A's. Arigato gozaimasu, sensei-tachi!

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