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Friday, January 23, 2009

Today is the third day we had our cheerleading practice.

anonymous: Wait, cheerleading practice? As in you're a cheerleader now?
me: Well, yeah. Got a problem with it? *glare*
anonymous: Oh no, nothing. Just asking, hehe.. ^_^"

=Back to the normal mode=

Actually, from now on, I'm one of the member of my school cheerleading squad. Isn't that awesome?! I always wanted to be a cheerleader; doing some stunts & choreagraphy. Woohoo, it's just AWESOME! Haha..

Cikgu Shafrizan or shall I call her Coach Izan, is our cheerleading coach. She taught us moves that we will perform during our school sport's day. She also noted that she will picked 20 students out 30++ members of the squad to represent the school in cheerleading competition. Sounds cool, eh? I really hope that I will be chosen. And that means, I have to train hard on my moves.

The, Coach Izan, taught us new moves. There're jabbing thingy, kicking, and some other moves. She even asked us to do cartwheel, which is kinda hard for us 'coz we never do it. Most of all, it's too risky since we're training on hard floor. If coach prepared mats for us, it would be less risky, I THINK SO..huhu..

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