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Monday, February 9, 2009



1. Best friend?
2. Lost any friends?
3. Gained any friends?
4. Met a new good friend?

1. Went out of the country?
2. Moved?
-notnot [-.-"]-
3. New school?
4. How many times on an airplane?

1. Have you changed?
-a lot...i guess-
2. New look?
3. Biggest conflict this year?
4. Most depressed time this year?
-yes, but then again, not really-

1. Favorite Season this year?
-festive season..raya oh raya!-
2. Least favorite season this year?
3. Good birthday?
-yuppy yup-
4. Any snow?

1. Snuck out?
-what for?-
2. Met a person who will change you life?
3. Had a first something?
4. Liked someone who did not like you?
-don't remember-
5. Lost a family member?
6. Got bad grades?
7. Got suspended?
8. Moved states?
9. Got a myspace?
10. Done something you totally regret?
-yes, but glad it turned out to be okay-

YES or NO- Last Year I...
broke a promise
made a new best friend
fell out of love
went behind your parents back
disappointed someone close
hid a secret
pretended to be happy
kissed in the rain
slept under the stars
-freakin' YES!-
kept your new years resolution
forgot your new years resolution
met someone who changed your life
met one of your idols
changed your outlook on life
sat home all day doing nothing
pretended to be sick
-no, what for anyway?-
left the country
almost died
given up something important to you
lost something expensive
learned something new about yourself
tried something you normally wouldnt try and liked it
-YES and NO-
made a change in your life
found out who your true friends were
met great people
stayed up til sunrise
cried over the silliest thing
was never home on weekends
got into a car accident
-no and hope not-
had friends who were drifting away from you
-no and yes-
had someone close to you die
had a high cell phone bill
-haha no-
wasted most of your money on food
had a fist fight
went to the beach with your best friend
-no, wish i can-
saw a celebrity
-yes..on TV? (-.-")-
gotten sick
liked more than 5 people at the same time
became closer with a few people
-of course!-

Who do you want to tag?
::miss azmalina ^^::
::miss didie
::miss izan..=)::
::mr akim..=D::
::anyone who view this page, yoroshiku onegai shimasu *bow*::

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