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Saturday, July 18, 2009

so many events. so much to say, so much to write...


alhamdulillah, akhirnya, baru rase cm nk update blog nih..menunggu jiran sebelah yg juge merupakan my best+close friend, Rai, update blog dia dulu, baru Ami akn update..hehe..

okay, as the title, for these past 3 weeks, there so many events occured...if i'm not mistaken, about 5 events (i considered important) had's the chronology:

  1. I attended NST Creative Writing Workshop at STF on on 7th giler!! met old friends from MR: Cedric, Xue Han & Aina...i was overexcited on this day since i met my old mates..yelah, sape yg x happy bile dpt jumpe kwn lame kn? i just disappointed since Sara didn't go for this workshop which I thought she will attend...i'm dying to meet you my dear!
  2. next day, me, together with my librarians clique went to our not-very-far-neighbour, SMT Perdagangan for Forum Bersama Tokoh Nilam Negeri Johor 2009...her name is Nur Afza Qistina from she is in Form 5...this forum was attended by students from SMT JB, STF , SMT Perdagangan itself and of course my school SMT (ERT) Azizah..
  3. on 12th July, me, Zizie, Cs Aishah & Cs Radin escorted by Madam Akma went to SMK IJ Convent for Pertandingan Gadget Pandu Puteri 2009...this was my first time going for a gadget competition...before going, i have to revise back some of simpulan used to make a gadget..quite challenging...well, again i met old friends from MR: Ziqah, Ana &, i met my old sisters (actually, we are not blood related..i called them my sisters since they are much older than me) from SIGS..i met Kak Deli, Kak Ima, Kak Nami & Kak Farhah...they were my cliques when I attend Girl Guides Camping last year..that's when I met & make friends with them..
  4. last Monday, during morning assembly, some sort of penyampaian anugerah was held...yup, i was one of the receiver..i have Anugerah Pengetua for my excellent result in my mid-year exam..i have obtained 8A's with my GPA 2.30...btw, this award is awarded to students from each course (PM, PP, KM etc) who have got 1st, 2nd & 3rd palce in their respective classes...this is my first time receiving this very special best friends, Rai & Aliya also received this award..congrats to both of you!! kekalkan usaha & berjaya dgn lebih cemerlang pd masa akan dtg, okay?!
  5. yesterday, I went to MPC (Malaysian Productivity Corporation) for a was called "Tafaquh Islamiah: Ke Arah Pemantapan Aqidah"...penceramah-penceramahnya ialah Tuan Hj Ayub bin Abdullah & Y.Bhg Tuan Hj Rashidy bin Jamil
Sememangnya, mcm2 event yg berlaku for the past few, I have to pen-off now..homeworks are summonong me from my study desk...chow~

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  1. salam

    poin nombor 4:insyALLAH...
    penat aku tunggu kau update.kesian aku.hahah


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