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Friday, December 25, 2009

menangis tak berlagu

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

I can't believe my intuition was right. All my files were deleted from the computer and my pendrive. YES, THE FILES WERE DELETED, means GONE! I don't know how does that happen, but one thing for sure my folders that were saved in the hard disk (:C) were deleted by my brother. He has done the same thing to me last year, when he deleted all my anime (around 10 anime series). The folders on (:C) were my important folders where I kept all my pictures of 2009 (January til December). Yeah, you'll probably will say it's my own fault because I kept them in (:C) not in my pendrive. Well, my pendrive is not big not enough to keep all my pictures since the picture folders were more than 4GB but my pendrive is only 2GB. Originally,  I was about to transfer the folders into a DVD, but something happened and I planned to transfer them after I came back from KL. I always feel that my files was going to be deleted but I ignored my intuition and now it was right. For my schoolmates, sorry to say that your guys pictures are no longer in my possession, but I will try to recover it.

Secondly, my pendrive is now having problem and all files on it are also GONE. Ya Allah, betapa besar dugaan yang Kau turunkan kepadaku dan  aku memohon kepada-Mu supaya diberikan kesabaran. Plus, my holiday homeworks were also gone. I spend about 2 weeks finishing my works and all of them were gone just by a second. Oh my, I think I'm having a MAJOR headache.

p/s: I'm curently trying to find a software on how to recover deleted files. Anyone knows a suitable or best software that might help me, do share with me, okay? I need it ASAP!

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