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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just For Fun

I copied this from my dearest friend of mine: Iman.

Yesterday, I was originally wanted to buy CSI: Miami DVD, but unfortunately I didn't found it. So I pampered myself buying this DVD:

I can hardly download Fruits Basket online since it has been licensed. I am so glad that I found it!

About me
1. a female, obviously
2. soon-to-be 18 on 22/2
3. an SPM leaver 
4. have various nicknames: Nurul, Amira, Mira, Ami, Kakak, NAZEHAR
5. currently working as a housemaid at Zainudin and Hawa's house (my own home!)
6. in relationship with Tezuka Kunimitsu (<-- try to guess who it is)

Random things about me
1. i had my thigh blistered last year, resulting a minor operation had to be done
2. sometimes people mistook me as an adult (they call me 'cikgu' or 'akak')
3. i just started wearing spectees last year
4. i kinda not in favor of doing cleaning job, but once i'm indulge with it, i will doing whole-heartedly
5. i always had my mp3 with me and Super Junior is currently in my top-list
6. i enjoy watching J-drama, K-drama, anime and English movies, rather than Malay
7. i hate watching Indon drama, they are so cliche
8. i hate pink, but i had many pink clothes (=_=')
9. i can speak Japanese, but it's been slowly deteriorated
10. bad converser, but if you have topics that might interest me, i can be VERY talkative
11. i am a messy+neat person (which one is it?)
12. i am actually a glutton
13. i have Siwon's picture (SuJu) as my phone's wallpaper

The facts about me
1. I am easily addicted with entertainment especially to Japan and Korean shows
2. I love latest techno
3. If I'm listening to something, for example songs by SuJu, sometimes they will appear in my dream, like recently
4. I love being stylish
5. I love collecting notebooks
6. I love reading. They made my world!
7. I am currently collecting Detective Conan's (Case Closed) comics
8. I love chocolates; especially almonds and hazelnuts
9. I hate ants; they freak me out!
10. the Best Speaker in English Debate during KAT Johor 2010

My habits
1. laugh out loud, especially when I was watching anime and Korean shows
2. i always listen to songs during my shower with my phone
3. i always cursed under my breath if i'm snapped :P
4. it's new habit : i can't sleep any early than 4 a.m.

My goals
1. 10 A's in SPM or at least 9A's Amin
2. To further study in UK / Russia/ Ireland / Japan / South Korea , it's the only chance to experience the lifestyle there :')
3. To become a dentist :)
4. In 10 years , or so , from now , I mus have my own house and car
5. To get married before 27 years oled
6. Pergi haji sebelum berumur 40 tahun

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