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Monday, February 7, 2011

When Addiction Cannot Be Cured

My goodness, I think that my adrenaline is rushing. Haha, just another crappy talk, words there! My cousin was right, if we are too indulge or addicted with something, it's hard, no, impossible to cure. Like me, I'm currently addicted to K-shows; being a variety show or drama, I love both of them! 

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (drama)

Athena: Goddess of War (drama)

Secret Garden (drama)

Running Man (outdoor variety show)
Most of these shows features my favorite artists guys such as Siwon (Athena & Running Man), Joong Ki (Sungkyunkwan Scandal & Running Man) and Yuchun (Sungkyunkwan Scandal). What's more, I heard read that Changmin (DBSK) is going to make his appearance in Athena. Wah, can't wait for that!

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