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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Really Need To Sort These Things..

Crowded isn't it?

As you can see in the windows above, videos in this folder of mine is quite very crowded! I've been downloading lots of DBSK's videos from all kinds of places. The total size of the folder is over 13 GB! That's even larger than my SJ's folder. Nah, I've been reminiscing about DBSK's past; before the you-know-what case thingy. I actually regret that my love for them came a little bit too late. I actually have listened to their songs before but not to the stage where I'm CRAZY all over them like right now. So, that's why I've been calling myself an UNofficial Cassie since there are so much I have to learn about them.

P/S: Leave your tracks if you want to know the site where I download most of DBSK's videos. ^_^


  1. kamen rider abg lan je dh 100GB~

  2. DBSK sahaja = 13 GB
    total HDD usage = 114 GB


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