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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

K-Pop Fever not Only Hits Malaysia, but Venezuela Too!

K-pop is all over the place! Not only it has conquer Asia, but Europe & South American too! Just now, while I was surfing, I read the latest news about a Venezuelan group, Zivao, released a full-track Latin-covered for Mirotic: Inside Your Skin (click to read the original article).

After listening to Inside Your Skin, I must say it's incredible. REALLY! Although, they mostly used digital sound, but they did a great on making a cover for this song, in Latin!

The Latin version by Zivao:

The original version of Mirotic (주문) by DBSK:

P/S: Now, they have Korean, Japanese, Chinese & Latin version of Mirotic. Wonder if anyone will make an English cover for it?


  1. pergh.. xsangek lak negara latin cm venezuela pun ade k-pop gak.. hahahaa... ngade2 la tol...
    harap2 best... sori aku xdpt bukak videonye.. intenet lembu :(

  2. @nas:
    K-pop fever mmg tgh melanda hmpir satu dunia..recently, peminat2 kt Eropah ade buat tunjuk perasaan sbb tiket konsert K-pop yg dorang nk tgk kt tmpt dorang sold-out xsampai setengah jam pun..

    at least, k-pop latin ni nyanyi okeylah jugak w/pun diorang just buat cover..

  3. hello! i'm from Mexico and I have to tell you....
    the lyrics of the spanish version it's not so pretty
    in the chorus it's says something like this:

    "You think too much
    you lost your time
    i'm with another girl
    you were mine
    and I...inside your skin"

    so, I don't know about Venezuela girls, but i don't like it XD

  4. @Vicky, thank you for telling me about this..maybe it's my mistake for not checking the meaning of the lyrics first..really, thank you! <3


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