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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shut up!


I won't say much here. The title says it all.

Actually, I'm pissed off with some who only know to nag, complain and demand. It's not that we are not allowed to do those things, but please, know the limit!

The story was like this:

Recently I've joined my college group on FB. Seriously, I was hoping that I can get at least a little bit of benefits. But, seems like I was wrong! Aside from friends that really use the group for everyone's benefits, the others are those who only know to complain, condemn & nag.

It's not that I wanna say me myself is a good students, nor that I'm being obedient, it's just that I find those people are annoying. SERIOUSLY! Get a life will ya?!

I don't mind if you yourself are bright students, but those complainers are not balancing well enough of your studies but only know to nag, you better quit & focus on your main job on being a student!

Instead of complaining, just go away and improve yourself in your academic.

I don't mind if people say that this is an emo post, but I'm just pointing out the truth. You may hate me but that won't affect me.

P.S: Sadly, most of these complainers are MALAY. What a SHAME! *Tak sedar diri diuntung, tapi hanya tahu merungut*

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