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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Recently, I've just watch a new anime, La Corda D'Oro. Although this anime have launched some time ago, but I've just finished downloaded it. Guess what? I LOVE THIS ANIME!!! By the way, I think other attraction of this anime (other than the plot & the theme) is the characters, especially the boys. All of them are gorgeous, dashing, cool and many other words that used to describe their handsomeness. Here are the most kakkoii (handsome) characters in my opinion:

Although Ousaki-senpai is only a minor character in this story, but I really like him. His violin skills are awesome, and he is also a very warm-hearted person. Not only that, he also wears glasses.

P/S: I think I really attracted to anime characters who wear glasses, like Tezuka, Kyouya & Ousaki-senpai.

Another dashing characters! At first, he is not a participant of intraschool concour at Seisou Academy, but after helping Hino in the 1st Selection, seems like the judges have decided to add him as one of the concour participant. I love his piano skills and when he played piano, he played it with all of his heart's contents.

I rather call Shimizu-kun a bishounen (pretty boy) than handsome. He has a very cute and innocent face. I think everyone will melt when look at him, especially when he smiles and sleeps. His cello skills are beyond awesome. I like his seriousness towards music and he really enjoyed playing his cello (well, he often played cello from morning 'til evening..but he never realized it).

The most energetic character in the anime. Although he seems very childish, but actually Hihara-senpai is very skillfull in playing his beloved trumpet. Very rare to see him in a bad mood.

I don't know why I placed Yunoki-senpai as one of the hot guys. True, he is handsome and genius, but one thing about you should know about him, HE IS SADIST! Well, that's what I like about Yunoki-senpai. His flute skills are amazing and I always feel like I am flying in the sky whenever I listen to his flute piece.

Another question here? Why I placed Tsukimori-kun in one of the hot guys' list? He has a very good look and his violin skills are perfect, but I am not in favor of his too serious mood and very cold towards others. Nevertheless, Tsukimori-kun is actually a very caring person. Slowly, he begins to open up to others, especially to Kahoko.

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