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Monday, November 10, 2008

This Is Me...No One Can Change That, Only Me

I may not as brilliant as HER
Who can write many great stories
Who has many unexpected and unimagined ideas
Who is very kind and delicate towards other

I may not as hard as HER
Who can speak or say whatever she wants
Who held up her head high towards others

I may not as patience as HER
Who is very quite when people talks about her
Who rarely stands up against others

I may not as mature as HER
Who always have the positive thoughts from others
Who can get along so well with others

I may not as funny as HER
Who can crack a laugh with unthinkable jokes
Who always think positive in all situations
Who rarely looks angry or pissed off

I may not as 'gila-gila' (I don't know what to call it in English) as HER
Who can entertain people around her
Who can say anything without hesitate or fear
Who really does enjoy anything

But ONE thing for sure
I am ME
No one can change that fact
I am who loves anime so much
So much that until I am in love with the characters
I am who has a fragile and sensitive heart
Very hard to accept or face something that can really make me feel hurt
If I feel hurt, I'll easily break down or cry
Cause it's my nature of sensitivity
I am who really love making friends and widen my circle of friends
I am who very much realistic and rarely bears any grudge towards other
I am who hates to say nor hear people saying bad and useless words
Cause Allah gave us mouth to only speak of goods, not bad

That is why, I am me
No one
I mean, NO ONE
Can ever change that
You may say whatever you want
But that will never change the fact
I AM ME...

(My first ever poem, written by myself. Want to say you don't like it? Go on. This is only a piece of thought from a wounded heart that is very impossible to cure)

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