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Monday, November 3, 2008

What's Your Personality?

Few months ago, I've took a personality test from a website recommended by my beloved friend (-_ -"), Leokid on his blog site. After I taking that test, the result said that I am a Sanguine. Sanguine? Isn't that means blood? (0.0) Blood is red, right? Okay, okay, don't be so scared. Relax. Want to know what is the strength and weaknesses of a Sanguine? Here it is.

Strengths of a Sanguine

The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist
The Sanguine's Emotions
  • Appealing personality
  • Talkative, Storyteller
  • Life of the Party
  • Good sense of humor
  • Memory for color
  • Physically holds on to listener
  • Emotional and demonstrative
  • Enthusiastic and expressive
  • Cheerful and bubbling over
  • Curious
  • Good on stage
  • Wide-eyed and innocent
  • Lives in the present
  • Changeable disposition
  • Sincere at heart
  • Always a child
The Sanguine As A Parent
  • Makes Home Fun
  • Is liked by children's friends
  • Turns disaster into humor
  • Is the circus master
The Sanguine At Work
  • Volunteers for Jobs
  • thinks up new activities
  • Looks great on the Surface
  • Creative and colorful
  • Has energy and enthusiasm
  • Starts in a flashy way
  • Inspires others to join
  • charms others to work

Weaknesses of a Sanguine

The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist
The Sanguine's Emotions
  • Compulsive talker
  • Exaggerates and elaborates
  • Dwells on trivia
  • Can't remember names
  • Scares others off
  • Too happy for some
  • Has restless energy
  • Egotistical
  • Blusters and complains
  • Naive, gets taken in
  • Has loud voice and laugh
  • Controlled by circumstances
  • Gets angry easily
  • Seems phony to some
  • Never Grows Up
The Sanguine As A Parent
  • Keeps home in a frenzy
  • Forgets children's appointments
  • disorganized
  • Doesn't listen to the whole story
The Sanguine At Work
  • Would rather talk
  • forgets obligations
  • Doesn't follow through
  • Confidence fades fast
  • Undisciplined
  • Priorities out of order
  • Decides by feelings
  • Easily distracted
  • Wastes time talking
The Sanguine As a Friend
  • Hates to be alone
  • Needs to be center stage
  • Wants to be popular
  • Looks for credit
  • dominates conversations
  • Interrupts and doesn't listen
  • answers for others
  • Fickle and forgetful
  • Makes excuses
  • Repeats stories

Want to take the test yourself, click here to answer the test.

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