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Friday, December 12, 2008


I was supposed to post this blog 2 days ago. But then again, my 'L' disease hit me. 'L' disease? 'L' as 'Lazy'. Haha. Actually, I'm not the kind who always update her blog. I will only update my blog if I really have something to talk about topics. So mark that.

I'm sorry..

Those 2 words above I tujukan specially for my dearest Tezuka. Even those words alone are not enough for me to express how bad my feeling is right now. I felt bad. Ever since I had the dream 2 days ago, I felt bad. Why? Cause that night, I dream about other guy when I already have Tezuka. Dakara, gomen ne? Honto ni gomennasai. I have no intentions of dreaming other person.

Of course, before I sleep, I always hope that you will come into my dream. For how many times I wished that, but only once or twice it came true. Demo, ureshii kata na. Soshite,shiawase mo. It's better than not having any, right?

Then again, I'm sorry. Dreaming of another guy doesn't mean that I betray you. Anata wa aishitemasu. I love you more than anything. Anata wa ichiban daiji no hito. Although, people laughed at me because I fell in love with a person who is not exist, but it will not change the fact I love you. Aishiteru, Tezuka.

Anata ga, aitai desu...

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