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Friday, December 12, 2008

Ella's Blog...

Yay, finally our story has it owns blog..
All thanks to my beloved friend who is the chief author and also chief character designer, MissVergilSparda..

Last year, me and my other 6 friends have started a small project; a based-on-a-real-life story called 'ELLA'...
Want to know more about our project, just click here.

This story is based on our own idea. Here are the list of staffs that involved in this story:

Chief Author a.k.a Leader a.k.a Ketua: Sara or usually known as MissVergilSparda
Co-Author: Me (Miss Ryoko @ Amy), Ivonne (Ivy), Fraynie, Syania, Zayra & Honey.

This story is now on Chapter 5: Summer Holiday. Maybe, after the school holiday has ended, we will continue the story, although one of us have transferred to another. Yet, that will not stop us from finishing the story. Right, MissVergilSparda?

Well, that's all I wanted to inform. Anymore updates regarding ELLA, I shall inform soon.

[p/s: MissVergilSparda, I'm sorry I called you the 'Chief Author' and 'Chief Character Designer'. But that suits you since you're the one who is mainly in-charge of this story.]

MissVergilSparda: HOW DARE YOU PUT ME AS THE 'CHIEF AUTHOR' AND 'CHIEF CHARACTER DESIGNER'?! JUST WHO DO U THINK U ARE ANYWAY?! *drew out her sword and pointed it to my throat*
Me: *big gulp* I'm sorry. But those positions suit you more. *another big gulp when MissVergilSparda poke her throat* (poke??)
MissVergilSparda: If u dare to put me another into situation without consulting me, your head shall be mine..Mwahaha *evil laugh*
Me: Yes...*fainted* (fyi, I can't take too many laughs)..

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