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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

.finally home.


finally, after almost a week 'holidaying' (<-- ~.~") in Bangi, I'm back home!!! really i never thought that i will stay there for almost a week, so i only brought along not-so-many-clothes..then, on the 4th day my dad said that we'll be there for a week..WHAT?! WTH?! if i knew this will coming, i chould never go along on d first place..but no use of regretting now, isn't it?

at Bangi, we stayed at our second house..yeap, my dad bought an apartment in Seksyen 5, Bandar Baru Bangi...ours was on the fifth floor, block D..didn't do anything much there..just help my parents to clean up the house after the renovation...

brought along my mum's laptop i played some anime DVD and anime in my, i need to finish my BM's folio..with no internet, it was SO FREAKING bored cause I can't onine!! only God knows...*sigh* i tried to online using my phone, but then my credit will run out...GAH!!

almost everyday, i texted Iman...i told her i'm holidaying in KL...then, she gave a genius idea saying that we should meet..i wa thinking about the same thing too...why don't we meet each other since we are in KL? (well, actually, more like she's in Putrajaya and I'm in Bangi..but near enough, though) we plan to watch movie together, maybe nite at the museum 2...i know, she already watched she said in her blog, there's no harm on watching for the second time, rite? hehe...we had our date on Sunday...Alamanda was packed with ocean of people, since it's weekend...thought of watching NATM 2 was cancelled due to the tickets were selling fast like pisang goreng...not interested in Hannah Montana and Terminator, so we watched 17 Again..main cast is Zac Efron...he was so damn freaking hot, i tell you! right, iman?

picture of us...iman, BFF, okay?


  1. gosh!
    rugi gila x tgk NATM2
    sumpa lawakkkk!
    bising dgn gelak sjaa dlm wyg
    haha try la tgk

  2. @akim: tw xpe...geram giler x dpt tgk NATM2...
    x pyh tgk mmg bleh tahu cite tu funny giler...


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