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Thursday, June 11, 2009

.help me!!.


school about to start next week!!! argh!!! i still wanna stay at home..

but, i can't abandoned my duty as the head dorm.another job for me at school..GAH!! btw, next monday, i mean this upcoming monday, i have an interview for student exchange program which i have applied last april..after doing some researches on the internet, i've got some hints what kind of questions that might be asked by the fellow interviewers...still i haven't draft my scripts yet...GOSH!!

any how, please wish me luck so that i can pass this interview and chosen for this student exchange programme..i want to go to Japan really badly! NIHON NI IKITAI!!!


  1. good luck, i didnt apply this year, ddnt feel like to =.= do your best!

  2. maknanya senin ni kau tak pi sekolah ke?neway,good luck!leothi

  3. @ bedaksejuk: aq gi skola isnin ni, tp kul 2 ptg aq kuar kelas gi JPNJ utk intrvw tuh..


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