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Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm leavin' never to come back again...

Well, that quotation above is not true..I mean, yeah, when I'm going to leave my house, of course I wanto come back again, right? Haha.

Okay, just ignore the words above..I'm so not being myself..Oh my, looks like I'm babbling again..Well, that's going to happen when the holidays are almost over and I have to go back to hostel..Gotta accept the fact, Ami..*sigh*

No more online..No more stay-up late..No more beeping beeping message (haha)..No more wake-up late..

Well, it's not like my life is going to end, right? I will come back home in two weeks' time..Wait for me, okay?

P/S: My chem's homework haven't finished, and my mind is totally blank...Ahah, babbling again...

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