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Thursday, August 27, 2009

i'm trying,

School holidays almost come its end, yet my schoolworks are still piling up. Only Bio and Maths have completely finished. Screw you, Amira! You have to finish it before tomorrow or you will not enjoy your weekend later on. Well, that's what you get for missing the class for 5 days. Huu~ Well, never regret that. I have my own reasons for doing that.

Now, I shall pen-off and start to scribble on my Physics and Add Maths work which only half-way done (only Physics, though). Plus, I still have my hafazan on Surah Luqman going on...

P/S: Anyone care to tutor me on Physics? I'm drop-dead here. T_T

1 comment:

  1. haha bese la tu
    akim time kt asrama lama dulu
    asal blik kmpung bukan maen semngat bawak buku2
    last2. haha. paham je laa


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