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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Assalamualaikum and hey ho~

Nmpknya Ami telah di'tag' lg oleh geng Ami yg sorang nih, Iman. Alang2 dh xde keje nih, layan je la~

Thnx Iman!

Four names that friends call you

..ami.. [current nickname in school]
..mira.. [missed my old friends called me this]
..amira.. [most new friends call me this]
..nurul amira.. [if someone or somebody is announcing my name]

Four most important dates in your life

..February 22
..30 Syaaban [birthday kuh ikut kalendar Islam]
..15 Syaaban [dpt bc Yasiin 3 kali]
..12 Rabiulawal [kekasih Allah pd tarikh ini yg juga merupakan Rasul terakhir]

Four things you've done in the last 30 minutes
..Rummaging my school bag
..Finishing her sooo many schoolworks
..Listening to those songs
..Viewing some pics in myspace

Four ways to be happy
..laugh, eventhough it isnt funny
..remember everything that'd make me happy, be a positive-thinker (right, mior?)
..enjoy every moment in life
..meeting people that are very dear to me

Four people you miss from your past
..friends at primary school
..korang la [ y' know who y' are]
..Sera Group [RIMUP JB 2009]

..Him [???]

Four of your favorite hobbies
..Music listening
..Tv watching

Four places or countries you want to go for vacation

Four favorite drinks.
..plain cold water
..iced neslo
..tropicana twister fresh orange

Four things always found in your bag
..pencil case
..note book [always prepare to jot down something]
..story book, or novel

Four favorite colors

Top four hangouts
.my bedroom, especially if it's quiet
..i cant think, haha

Top four you love so much

Top four 'things' special to you Z770i phone mp3 comics collection

Top 5 who you will tag


  1. gosh
    akim akan buat but lambat sikit.
    sebab currently mcm tiba2 je org nak tagged akim
    sekarang je ada 6 tagged tertunggak tak buat termasuk ni


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