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Saturday, September 26, 2009

raya oh raya

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Once again I didn't follow my family going beraya like yesterday. Pile of homeworks I haven't finished yet. T_T

But I am glad I didn't follow them though, since they got back home at midnight; after going out after Zohor. Plus, they only beraya to one house only! How much of my time will fly if went along? Hmm.. Today, my sister said that today they are going beraya to my second grandma's house (sister to my late grandma if you dun understand). I really want to meet her. But I decided no to go along since I've already promised with my friends that I will go beraya with them. I'm actually quite furious with my parents actually. Let's not talk about it okay?

Well, move on to the main agenda. Toda
y, me, Shahrul, Hidayah, Ain & Intan went beraya together. First, I went to Hidayah's house then to Shahrul's, Ain's and mine was last. It was very exciting, although there were not many of us (due to changing of original plan).

Chee~ Picture taken by Ain at in front of her house

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