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Saturday, October 3, 2009

.hubungan antara kami dengan mereka.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Last Wednesday (30/9) was one of the best day I have had in my whole life. A group of 30 students from Japan; Chiba Kokusai Junior High School to be exact came to my school. I was thrilled and excited. I can't believe that Japanese are coming to my school. Moreover, I got the chance to be paired with one of the students (including other 30 frinds of my schoolmate) from Chiba Kokusai. "Well, time to put my Japanese on practice!" I said in my heart.

I got paired with a boy. His name Arata Hasebe and I called him Arata. When I asked for his age, he said that he is 14 years old; which are younger than me - much to my surprise. At first I really thought the students coming are around my age; that was before I heard my principal said the word "Junior High School". Well, I don't think making friends with the youngsters matter. but if your heart really want to do it, you can do it.

Both me and Arata didn't talk very much. I managed to do a little bit of talking with him Japanese. We exchanged e-mail and address. We also watched performances by my friends and also by Chiba Kokusai Junior High School. Next, I showed to Arata to my school compound. we went to workshops (according to the course). Arata was quite amazed with things he found in the school.

Arata and his friends triend some Malaysian food such as buah melaka, pulut panggang (we called it Malaysian sushi), roti jala, kuah kari and kuih raya. They also shared with us some traditional Japanese sports: Beigoma, Daruma Otoshi and many more.

This is my declared brother: Hasebe Arata

The most cutest guy: Shimba Ogura, Hajar's brother

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