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Friday, December 18, 2009

home sweet home

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and good day to all of you..

Selamat Meyambut Tahun Baru Maal Hijrah 1431H to all muslims and muslimahs all over the world..

Alhamdulillah, finally, after 3 weeks of suffering from boredom in Bangi, Ami dh selamat smpi kt rumah...I reached home around 7 p.m yesterday...

The day before yesterday, our family went to Melaka 'cause my father got his, as usual, kitorng mestilah ikut first, abah kate nk blik JB kejap tp tukar fikiran sbb kucing 2 ekor kt bangi nnt kelaparan..yup, kitorng gi Bangi bwk Putih & Belang skali..hehe..yg Ami plak, mmg nk sgt blik JB...brg2 kt umh bersepah, tkut x smpt nk kms before the school reopens nnt..trfikir gak dlm kepale nih, kalau xde org nk hntr blik JB, balik naek bas pun, alhamdulillah, ade lah jugak kawan abah yg balik JB, so tumpanglah skali...right now, i'm all alone in the house & until christmas, the house is all mine since my family will only come back to JB after christmas...YEEHAA!!

Sorang2 kt umah ni, mcm takut, at least jiran2 ade, ape2 hal boleh mintak tolong diorang...satu hal lg, senang sikit nk kms rumah klu xde org...sbb Ami jnis yang suke buat house chores waktu orang lain takde...lapang sikit fikiran...kalau orang+barang, alamtnye bertamabh serabut kepala and akhirnye, kerja pun xleh nk buat..

tomorrow, i'm joining my friends outing..YES, FINALLY!! slps terperuk kt umah, xjmpe orang, dpt gak jmpe kwn2..that's why i'm willing to come back..sorang2 pun xkesah...mcm2 nk cite..hehehe..

anyway, last sunday (13/12), i went to Genting giler! but quite disappointing sbb xdpt naek sis x lps height yg ditetapkan utk naek bende tuh, nk tinggalkn dy sorang2, tkut plak sbb parents xmsuk theme park skali...only me, Amirul and Syafiqah..the most thrilling ride was the Super Sonic...itulah namenye, agaknye kot...i asked my sis to record my vid, tp vidnye dlm laptop laen..nnt, insya-Allah, Ami upload vid tuh...mmg thrilling giler! plus, guess who I met in Genting Highland? The famous Malaysian actor, Dato' Jalaludin Hasan! It was unbelievable! rasenye tak ramai yg notice dy ade kt exit Genting Theme Park..mase nk keluar, Ami terpandang kt Jalaludin Hasan nih (tp, lum taw lg yg tu dy sbnrnye)..i stared at him for a quite a long time and then my mouth trus terlopong bile dpt tahu yg laki tu adelah Dato' Jalaludin Hasan..gmbira xtrkate! ^_^

p/s: i was supposed to post this, laptop ni wat hal a.k.a slow giler, trpakse post ari ni..

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