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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Full House

Have you heard or watch Full House? No, not the famous Korean drama. This time it's a variety show. The main characters in this show is the ever-handsome-and-famous Korean boy band, Super Junior and two foreigners, Anya and Eva (Eva is half: English and Japanese) who are currently home-staying in Korea to learn the Korean culture and language.

I got to know Full House while I was searching some latest news about SuJu. I asked my cousin, Syahida if she happens to know about Full House. Gladly, she knew about it and she already have all the episodes of it. So I lend her my hard disk to copy the show in it. So far, I've watched until the 7th episode and I shall stop on 8th episode since I have to study for my final paper, Pengurusan Makanan. Yeah, my exams are yet to finish. After 20th December, then it's OVER. 


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