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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tribute 1: My Brother Fahmi

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

As I've mentioned before, I will post a tribute for my brother, Fahmi Hisham. I first know him in our school, SMT (ERT) Azizah. Yes, he's my senior and he was in class of Katering Makanan (KM). He was one of the best student in our school. What I like about him? Firstly, he resembles a lot from my old senior in my old school. When I first saw him, I really thought it was my old senior. But then I realized that sometimes new people bears some resemblances with previous people we had met before.

Fahmi declared me as my sister after Maulidu Rasul event at our school last year, somewhere around February/March if I'm not mistaken (sorry, I'm bad in remembering dates). Yeah, of course that made me fluttered, Haha. Pretty naughty there, am I? 

What I like about Fahmi? I like him for his leadership qualities he had and his sempoi's attitudes. I think maybe one reason I became a prefect because I was inspired by him. *blushed* Nothing serious there, okay? Honestly, during the school year last year, we barely talk to each other, since I myself put a bar between me and boys in my school. But I still mixed with them, but not very close. I'm quite strict when it comes to boys. Now, I can go with the flow, but there's still limitation in it.

One thing that made me surprised about Fahmi is, both of us shared the birth month, which is on February. he was born on 16th, while I was on 22nd. Wow, we sure have chemistry, aren't we? *another blush* That means, both of us share the same horoscope, which is Pisces. *yeay!*
As Fahmi had said before about me in his blog (refer to my previous post), me too, I had never seen him being angry. Just being strict towards others because he is a prefect. He's such a wonderful friend and he cherished all people around him. Sometimes he doesn't care what people said about him; he likes to be himself. Yet, people still like him. It's very hard to do that you know. I've been through that.

Well, that's all I can post about Fahmi. Although we never see each other again, both of us still keep in touch, like many other brother and sister do. I am very grateful to Allah for meeting me with a person that adores me a lot, other than my own family. I pray to Allah that He will always protect Fahmi from the bad things and give him strength to continue in his life journey to become a teacher, amiin.

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