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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Old Habits Die Hard


Assalamulaikum w.b.t

Alhamdulillah, yesterday I've officially finished my SPM yesterday with the last paper, Biology. Well, actually my SPM is not finished yet, since the real LAST paper is my course, Pengurusan Makanan a.k.a Food Management, which is on 20th December. So, for the time I'm lazying around; relax my head for a moment after almost 3 weeks of struggling& wrestling with books.

Now, I'm back to my old habits: anime and drama addiction has started. Yeap, that's me! Currently, I'm watching Gokusen 2 (again), Psychic Detective Yakumo and Hakushaku to Yosei. Actually, there are lots more in my watching-list. I'm also in the process of downloading my all-time favorite CSI Miami! Woohoo!! Since I have new 232 GB external hard disk, so it's time to fill it up!!! It's download time! So, feel free to join the club, okay? =D

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  1. aku baru tengok anime psikik tu episod satu...ngehngeh


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