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Friday, November 19, 2010

Is It Wrong for Me to be Self-Centerd?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Am I too much to handle?
Are my requests are too hard for you to fulfill?
Do you think my feelings are just like a SOLID BLOCK and you don't even notice there are scratches in it?
Am I being too self-centered?

Who am I compared to them? I was just asking you to send me to the goods, but then what did I get from you? I've been very tolerate with your words these days or months, and it's just a amatter of time when will I explode. I've been telling myself to be patient for I just want to obedient so that in the future my kids will not follow my trail. Do you know I've been too secretive? DO YOU?

I have to find myself an interest, or interests, to be exact, so that I am occupied and not easily to be bothered. But lately, I've been receiving such without-realize-it-is-actually-hurtful-words from you. What can I do? I can only pray to Allah to bless me with patience for just about a month. 

Please don't make me regret with my results if I didn't attend the thing that I suppose to attend. It doesn't take a long time and it matters myself not you. Please...

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