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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tribute 3: Azfar Zulkarnain

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Wow, it's been a long time since the last time I upload a new post, did I? Haha, didn't have much thing running in my mind; just doing couples of watching CSI: Miami (Season 1).

The picture above is my other brother, Azfar Zulkarnain or more preferably to be called Azfar. He's from Kuala Lumpur. Now, the whole Malaysia knows that today is the day that the PMR result will be announced, right? Azfar is 15, and he is one of the PMR candidates in Malaysia. Praise to Allah, he successfully passed PMR with flying colors; which he had obtained 8A's. Great isn't it? I'm very proud with him; like any other sister would do. Again, congratulations to you, Azfar!

Some of you might be wondering how did I know Azfar, since both of are quite distant; I'm in JB while Azfar is in KL. I first met him when both of us went to a convention in Shah Alam this October. My school team had nice little chat with Azfar's school team. When I asked him his age, he said he is 15. It's very much to my disbelief! His look is too mature to be 15. I really thought he was about the same age as me. Then, on the last day of the convention, I proposed (???) to him if he was okay I declared him as my brother and I'm very glad he accepted it. Thank you, my dear Azfar!

Although both me and Azfar have just known each other just for about 2 months, still I admired and respect him so much. He's intelligent and mature, yet he's very humble and modest. Here's some advices from your sister: Your world of school just started; so don't get too comfortable with your PMR result. It's just a basic entrance for your future SPM. I don't have any intention to scare you, my brother, or whatsoever, but many students got into the 'comfortable zone' just with their PMR results, then they slipped off from their tracks. Never stop to thank Allah, your parents, teachers and friends. I pray the best for your future undertakings (hope you'll manage to enter MRSM) and may Allah always protect and bless you.

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