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Thursday, December 16, 2010

They Entertained Me

Seems like I'm getting addicted to Korean entertainment; ever since I've started watching Korean drama and songs. But I'm much more attached to Super Junior, after listening to their song, Bonamana at the middle of this year.

Lee Donghae or Donghae..sometimes were called Fishy..DOB: 15.10.1986

Choi Siwon or with few words but angelic+sexy smile..DOB: 10.2.1987

Cho Kyuhyun or Kyuhyun..maknae of SuJu..DOB: 3.2.1988

Kim Kibum or Kibum..He has the smile that can almost kill you (the smile-killer, haha)..DOB: 21.8.1987

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