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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Abnormal Undercover

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

There's nothing much I can surf to day, since the broadband connection is quite slow. Anyway, just want to inform something, but not important. Insya-Allah, I'm planning to compose a short novel entitled 'Abnormal Undercover', but this is not the definite title; it may change. Thanks a lot to my boredom, my mind been very hyperactive and I came out with this idea. For now, I'm still drafting the whole chapters and the characters. Here is the little bit synopsis of the story:

Ami-Jean Yamato, 16, an American-Japanese girl, recently transferred to Japan. She may seem like an ordinary girl, but she actually has double identity. Her true identity is that she is an undercover agent for CIA! After both her parents were killed in a high-profile mission 3 months ago, she plans to move to Tokyo, Japan to continue her parents' mission. Despite of all these, Ami has to attend school just like a normal teenage girl, without revealing her true identity. Living with double-identity is tough, but will she managed to complete the mission without revealing her true-self?

I'm quite slow in writing story, so the update may take a long time. But, do anticipate it, okay? This story will be posted at my second blog, It's Story Time!

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