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Saturday, January 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Class of 3 Saidatina Aisyah, year 2002
Such a nostalgic picture, isn't it? I found it while I was surfing the Facebook yesterday. I am very grateful that I found this picture. Oh, before that, let me introduce.

At the year of 2000 until May 2002, I attended SK (A) Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir Hassan or famously known in Kuching as Madrasah. Yes, I used to live in Sarawak before this for about 8 years. Then, my whole family transfer to JB due to family reasons and that is why we ended up living here until now. I don't think all of us will move to anywhere else since this is my parents' hometown.

Attending the madrasah is one of the best and sweet memories I have ever had, although I was only there for a very short time; about 2 and a half-year. I was in the second class, Saidatina Aisyah, from Standard 1 until Standard 3. This is the place where I learn about being fun, creative and so many more. The one who taught me and the whole class was our homeroom teacher, Puan Hajah Dayang Hamdiah Bt Abang Ali or we called her Cikgu Dayang. She is such a great and wonderful teacher! Surprisingly, few years ago, my mum noticed her in a magazine that features home deco and furnitures (can't remember the magazine's name). I've been looking for her phone number, since I forgot to ask her right before I transferred. I heard from my ex-classmates that she had retired and currently still in Kuching. I always pray that I will be able to meet Cikgu Dayang and hope that I can invite her for my wedding. (^...^)

When I saw this picture, I straightaway sent friend requests to my former classmates and I am glad that some of them still remember me although we haven't meet each other for almost 9 years. Can't blame them though. Also, this is where I met my BFF, Salwa. She is the only person that I have been keep in touch until now. Both of us met again on 2005, during my family trip to Sarawak. For now, I managed to catch-up with Fifah and Zul Khairy. Funny thing is that I can still remember my group in the class, where me, Salwa,  Zul, Siddiq, Najiy and Hanif, but Zul vaguely remember about it and he was surprised how I can still remember while he can't. Sorry, Zul, but since you guys are the best classmates I've ever had, I can't help but the memories are still well-kept in my heart.
For now, I am still tracking the others and insya-Allah I'm planning to have a reunion with them. If not, a small gathering would do. That means, I'm flying to Sarawak, insya-Allah.

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