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Thursday, January 27, 2011

If Only Dreams Can Be Real

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Here's one thing about me: If I think too much about someone before I went to sleep, I'll dream about that person. Like recently, to be accurate, last night, I dream of someone proposed to me. Who? Erm, I think it's one of the SJ members, Siwon, if I'm not mistaken. Kyaaaah~ I will be the happiest + luckiest + most grateful if it really happen. But, unfortunately, looking at the current situation, it's impossible. But, hey, anything can happen, if Allah meant it to be, it will & MUST be. Well, at least, if not Siwon himself, maybe a person who has characters & traits like him, who knows. Not only that, in that dream, all SuJu members appeared in my dream, and they convert to Muslim.

By the way, probably I know the reason why I dream of SuJu. It's because I was listening to the song 'Marry U' by SuJu. I have a habit, when I'm going to sleep, I always have my mp3 stuffed into my ears. Sometimes, I even ended dream of something that is related to the song I was listening to. Although, it's in a dream and my mind is half-awake, I still able to recognize the song. Not only, right before I went to sleep yesterday, I was watching some SuJu's videos and I paid extra attention to Siwon. 

Very funny  and ridiculous, right? But still, I pray this dream will come true. Maybe not fully, but only a bit, that is enough to make me happy and fluttered.

P/S: When I took my day nap today, Siwon appeared again in my dream. This time, Donghae too!  In the dream, I was watching a match, if I'm not mistaken with both of them. Siwon also help me to carry my bag and he talked to me too! How I wish this dream will come true...

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