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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Another Head Over Heels

Know these 2 guys? I'm pretty deadly sure you knew them, especially if you're a K-Pop fan. Well, even if you don't know them or don't have any idea who they are, at least you know their name (since I put their name in the picture). 

Lately, these 2 months, I've been watching Korean drama a lot. Yeah, if you read my previous previous posts, I kept on mentioning typing about my K-drama (thus related to K-entertainment) addiction. In those drama I've watch, there are 2 guys that I had set my eyes onto. *Wow, nice saying! (Self-praise)* Yup, Siwon of Super Junior and Changmin of DBSK.

If you read my ENTRY here, I dream of Siwon while I was listening to Super Junior's song. But, few days ago, for 3 days straight, I dream of Siwon and Changmin. Yeah, I know. I'm addicted to them, since they are starring in my favorite dramas. During that time, I was on marathon watching Athena: Goddess of War and Paradise Ranch. With both of them starring in those dreams, I was very extremely excited and kept on anticipated for the new episodes every week. Without I realize, I think too much about them, thus dreaming of them, that's why.

So, as a fan, I love Siwon and Changmin very much. Nevertheless, I'm still quite fresh in this K-entertainment thing, so I only knew a little about them and in the process of learning about them.

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