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Saturday, February 5, 2011

So Many Things Going on This Month...

Highlight events in this month according my calendar:

  1. 3rd Feb - SuJu's maknae, Kyuhyun's birthday. Happy birthday to you, Kyuhyunnie!!!
  2. 4th & 5th Feb - My cousin, Along's wedding ceremony. Jom merewang!
  3. 6th Feb - DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki's leader, U-Know Yunho's birthday. Happy birthday!!!
  4. 10th Feb - SuJu's gentleman + master of gesture, Siwon's birthday. Happy birthday, Siwonnie~
  5. 11th Feb - My dear long-distance BFF, Salwa's birthday. Tanjoubi omedeto to you, my dear! Sweet 18 already~ ;))
  6. 15th Feb = 12 Rabiulawal - Maulidur Rasul, hari kebesaran junjungan besar, Nabi Muhammad SAW
  7. 16th Feb - My dear brother, Abg Fahmi's birthday
  8. 18th Feb - DBSK's maknae, Changmin's birthday. Happy birthday, Changminnie~
  9. 22nd Feb - I'm officially going to be 18 on this day, insya-Allah
  10. 23rd Feb - My ex-classmate, Sakina a.k.a Kak Qeen & KAT-TUN Kamenashi Kazuya's birthday. It's also the date where I'm officially an Azitech-ian.
  11. 25th Feb - My dear Ain and Abg Shahfit's birthday

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