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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hottest (Sexiest) Man Alive!

Ignore me for my words above. My oh my, before I knew it, I'm craving for more. You know Kim Jaejoong, or famously known as Hero (in Korean, Youngwoong) Jaejoong? The former TVXQ member and current member of JYJ, along with his fellow Micky Yoochun & Xiah Junsu.

In his early days as a celebrity, Jaejoong has sweet and cute personality. As the years pass, Jaejoong become more matured, or should I say, manlier, and sexier too! Now, he keeps on showing his new side, but at the same time can still maintain a little bit of his cuteness.

(Pervert me :P)

Credits goes to CeskJJ for posting this video of moviestill with Jaejoong (Killer J) for ELLE magazine.

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