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Friday, April 22, 2011

Maybe, I'm Still Holding Onto The Past

To all Cassies out there, some all of you probably already know that TVXQ is going to perform 'Rising Sun' on the 600th episode of KBS Music Bank.

Image sources: DBSKnights

To view the full article and the comments about this news, click HERE. When I read this, I was shocked. More like a dumbstruck, I must say. I feel so angry and at the same time, sad. For me, who had been watching and listening to Rsising Sun with all the 5 members singing: Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun & Junsu, can't accept the fact that there will be only the two of them (HoMin) & perhaps filler will sing this song.

Actually this is not the first time this thing happen. Previously, the current TVXQ had once performed Balloon along with SHINee. When I watched the video, I cannot help but to feel sad. Although, I was glad that TVXQ is singing this song again after quite a long time, but the feeling of joyfulness of this song was not there. Of course, I'm not comparing SHINee and TVXQ5, but it's just that the feelings are not there. It's just too different.

I don't mean anything bad by putting up this video. It's just too painful for me to see Yunho like this. Plus, what Lee Soo Man did to Yunho at the end of this video was kinda unpleasant. He was kinda forcing Yunho to bow for a few times, by putting his hand at Yunho's back (more like forcing).

You see, that's why, some of Cassies were quite disagree with having TVXQ performing Rising Sun with only 2 members currently. It's not that we're forgetting the past, but we cannot bear the pain twice. Personally, I was least bit happy of having them performing Rising Sun again, as it shows that Yunho didn't want TVXQ to be forgotten. Since JYJ can't sing this song (due to the fact that Balloon is labelled under SME & JYJ is no longer under SME), so only TVXQ can sing this currently. I must praised him (Yunho) for this, he wants to keep TVXQ alive!

As much as I'm looking forward to it (although Rising Sun is not my fav), I would rather of not listening nor watching it. I'm afraid that I might burst into tears & it will be unstoppable. I hope no one will bash the boys (TVXQ) while they're performing & praying the best for them.

P/S: Maybe it's because I'm holding strongly onto the past (or perhaps, a bit of JYJ-biased), I became like this. Learn to accept the fact, but never waver & Always Keep The Faith~

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