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Thursday, April 14, 2011


First & foremost, pardon me for my crude language I am about to use in this post.

Your heart is empty
And you're so cold
You don't care about you and I
Your heart is empty
You won't let go
But I'm walkin out this life
Why can't you let it go
Let it go let it go let it go 
- Empty, JYJ -

Really, SM & Avex are getting on our, Cassiopeia, nerves this time. Not enough with the lawsuit thingy, now, Avex didn't permit JYJ to perform a charity event to raise fund for Japanese earthquake victims. WHAT THE HELL IS MATTER WITH YOU AVEX?! WHY ARE YOU BEING SO CHILDISH & UNFAIR TOWARDS OUR JYJ BOYS? DAMN IT! 

I couldn't say more here. But one thing for sure, the Twitter is trending for JYJ due to this event. For JYJ & TVXQ fans, please join this trend by tweetting #bestrongJYJ at the of your tweets & join our petition: Avex- You're going too far! Leave JYJ Alone!. Our target for this petition is 50, 000. The more the merrier to crush down Avex!

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