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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

it was a BLAST = DISASTER!!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t & good day to all of you out there!

This week, I'm sitting for the first-monthly test. First test during my Form 4. The exam started yesterday and yesterday's papers are Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language), Biology, Modern Maths & History.

Yesterday's papers were quite okay, I guess. The exam was kicked off with BM, which I think is quite easy. I think I can score A2 for that. Not that I'm not confident I can achieve A1, but I think I'll start with the lower first. But if I got A1 for BM, that will be a VERY GREAT PLEASURE. Haha. Next was Biology. It was okay, I think. Just got some stupid mistake I did and I only realised about it after I got home. Dang! Well, there's nothing I can do about it anymore right? After recess was Modern Maths. The objective questions were easy and I think I can only answer some of the subjective questions properly. The rest, umm, I leave them to your imagination. The problem solving questions are quite confusing, thus I cannot answer them properly, but I still give the best that I got. Final paper for yesterday was History. Not very easy but not too difficult; it's in the middle. I forgot some of the facts and I have to squueze my brain to figure out the answer.

Today's exam, umm, it was a BLAST!!! A DISASTER!!!

I had English paper, which I think is quite okay. The summary was quite difficult as I cannot find many points in the articles. But, the comprehension is not-too-hard-but-still-difficult-to-answer, haha. Then, Pendidikan Islam (Islamic Studies) came. The questions are way too easy, but I'm not confident I can get 100% for it since I know I got wrong for 2 questions for that paper. The, came Add Maths. Huh. Like I said at the above, it was a DISASTER! Yeap, that's for the Add Maths. We were only given an hour to answer 15 questions and each of the question contain 2 or 3 sub-questions. Dang! I forgot how to answer the chapter 1 questions especially on inverse functions and composite function. As for the chapter 2 questions, it was okay. You know, I didn't managed to finish 4 to 5 questions. Huhu. The questions are TOUGH!! DIFFICULT!! That's why I called it a BLAST=DISASTER! Just hope I will not get a fail grade. That will be another BLAST for me. Huhu. (T_T)

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