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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Out of Blue Questions

Ayah: Mira, dah ade boyfriend?
Me: Tak delah, ayah.
Ayah: Eh, patutnya umur macam Mira ni dah ade boyfriend.
Me: Mane ade, takde mase lah nak cari.
Ayah: Kenapa? Kat skolah Mira tu tak ada lelaki ke?
Me: Ade, tapi ...
Mama: Si Amira ni kate budak lelaki kat sekolah dia tu semua tak boleh pakai.
Me: Tahu takpe.
Ayah: Kenapa? Diorang tu semua malas belajar ke?
Me: Tak semua lah macam tu, tapi memang ade dan memang Mira tak berkenan lah ngah diorang. Perangai diorang tu pun tak macam yang Mira nak.

*Ayah in this post is not my father, but my uncle.

For the males out there especially my schoolmates (excluded the seniors), I will not apologize if my statements above somehow made you snapped. Well, it's the truth isn't it? It is hard to find boys who are playful but at the same time good in their studies, not in my school. I don't have any intention of provoking them, but there are times I am sick with their attitudes and sick-silly-jokes. Actually I have found boys that there are serious with their studies (by the way, they are not nerd), but for the time being I like them from distant.

I am not denying that I myself have involved in this couply thing. I have, once. It was 3 years ago, when I was in Form 2. But it didn't last long; just for about 2 or 3 months later, we broke up. No, the suitable word is I was the one who ask for a break-up. Do you know how I felt when I was in that realtionship? I feel guilty especially towards Allah or something like I've committed a very BIG sin. Honestly, I was not the romantic type; who will message my couple everyday just to ask how is he doing or is he feeling okay. Duh, I have other important things to do. So, I decided to break-up and now, I'm single but UNavailable for the moment until I obtained my first degree in dentistry, insya-Allah.

At this age, if possible, I want to avoid of getting involve with love-relationship, for I want to pursue my dreams first. Unless, the guy who wants to couple with me is willingly and patiently waiting for me until I get what I want;with my picky attitude and everything, please submit your application form. Nah, just kidding! Plus, I don't see any significance of coupling, they are just nuisance. Unless you are seriously and fully-prepared to settle down, then you are welcome to do so as long as you follow the syariat. If possible, I pray that Allah will meet me with the companion of my life who is quite excellent in his studies, has stable job and finance and can make both our family happy and harmony. Amiin.

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