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Thursday, January 13, 2011

When SEX Is Not Just HAVING IT...

Assalamualaikum w.b.t


Pretty sensitive and provocative title there isn't it? Haha, just changing atmosphere here; like trying to be more-adult here. Just now, I've just finished reading and cropping the yesterday's newspaper, The Star (I know it's quite left behind, but better late than never, right?) There's a section called All R.Age, where most of authors and authoress or columnists are bloggers, fashionistas and netizens. I found that this section is very interesting and cool as the news are contributed by young people like me. The youngest contributor for this section that I know is KL-born, Natasha Iman, 16, who is currently studying in Australia (I've to credit her for publishing her name in this post).

Yesterday in R.Age, Natasha had talked (written) about 'Sex and all that'. She wrote that Malaysians are hesitate and reluctant to talk when it comes to sex, as if the subject is 'taboo' for them and should not be discussed publicly. I'm quite agree with her. Maybe, in their mind, sex is just about sexual intercourse between male and female. Well, that's pretty one-sided mind and that's a HUGE mistake. It's true that sex can be defined as that, but if you look up the dictionary, sex also means gender. 

I admit that I myself had been on one-sided mind, but not until I had a private discussion with my non-blood related brother. It's pretty awkward when we discussed about it at first, but being grown-up and mature, I try to be open-minded. Slowly, the awkwardness is gone.

I'm not planning to write (type) any further as my opinions are fully taken from Natasha's post. I'm just glad that Malaysia's Ministry of Education had started to introduce sex education syllabus for the students, especially for the standard ones. Learning about sex is just not enough during Science Form 3 (Chapter 4: Reproduction) and Biology Form 5 (Chapter 3: Reproduction).

P/S: If you feel this post is offensive, DON'T spam me okay? I'm just posting out my opinions.


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